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The New Britain Progressive

is dedicated to truthful reporting of the news in the New Britain community – empowering the community with facts.

The New Britain Progressive is different kind of newspaper and media organization. The New Britain Progressive is a publication of the New Britain Independent Newspaper, Inc. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer organization, managed under a volunteer board of directors. Our mission is serve the community, not to turn a profit for any person or corporation. We owe nothing to anyone, not businesses, politicians nor political parties. So we are free to serve you, the people of New Britain, first and foremost.

We are dedicated to having a newspaper where the true ideals of journalism – reporting the facts and telling the truth – are practiced. That also means telling the truth that you are not likely to see told in for-profit publications.

Even more than that – the New Britain Independent Newspaper, Inc. is built as a community organization. As a not-for-profit organization, it is our mission to serve as a voice and forum for people, groups and communities in New Britain – making sure the community is heard and empowered.

The New Britain Progressive/Independent is a bold project, but built on simple ideals – that the news should be about empowering people with the truth rather than being just another agent of the powerful. We believe that is the real purpose of freedom of the press.

We are working to build this bold project, so watch us as we grow!

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